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April 5, 2012

Wait, you did WHAT? (Oh, ok.)

Earlier this year, a few students asked if we would be willing to advise a 7th/8th grade GSA during lunch.

Students at first GSA meeting: 4
2nd mtg: 5
3rd mtg: 9
4th mtg: 11
today's mtg: 13

We sent a couple of students to an anti-bullying conference this week, and today one of our students told us, "You know, kids who are gay are in the minority here, and most people look down on them. But I'm straight, and I was in the minority there, and everyone was nice about it. It's just, you know? It shouldn't be that way."

me: So, what else did you do there?
student 1: A lot of socializing, and we made some buttons.
student 2: And there was a seminar part, where we talked about bullying issues and solutions and things like that.
student 1: Yeah, and then we did pelvic thrusts.

So apparently, this conference was also their first introduction to the "Time Warp" song from Rocky Horror, but it took a minute before I figured out what they were talking about. But that's what a good GSA should be, I guess - one part activism, one part support, and one part social. And sometimes that social aspect is best served by lip syncing and synchronized line dance, you know?

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  1. It's just a jump to the left...

    Oh it never gets old.