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April 16, 2012

What is poetry?

“Blah Blah I’m in love” this is what love poems would sound like if there were no literary devices. The Mood, tone, and theme, are three of the literary devices that poets will use to draw a picture in the reader’s mind. Without these, all Love poems would all be very dull.

In poetry, there are a good amount of literary terms that compare and contrast in poems. Do you think that next time you read poems you would take the time to notice some comparisons? Or maybe some things that are different? It’s not as hard as you think, just take a moment and really look at what each word means.

All poems are different. Some easy to understand some not so much. Having literary devices like metaphors, similes and personifications can make us understand poems a bit better. Sometimes it takes two or more times rereading a poem to finally understand what the poem means but with literary devices not only do they help us understand they can make a poem really creative too. You never know, Poems are really interesting things.

So next time somebody decides to read a poem, read it with them and try to point out these types of writing to educate them about the amazing world of literature.

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