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January 10, 2012

"lionize" is not the same thing as "limousine"

Or what my students now call the "Top Ten Persuasive Essay Spell-Checker FAILS."

10. idea ≠ ID

As in, “Using a fake idea, he bought key ingredients to make bombs.”

9. hat ≠ hate

“Lizzie Borden was aggressive to her step-mother, showing how she must hat her.”

8. trail ≠ trial

“The outcome of the trail was not guilty …”

7. clammed ≠ claimed

“Lizzie Borden clammed she was in the barn.”

6. defiantly ≠ definitely

“Lizzie Borden is defiantly guilty.”

5. lionize ≠ limousine

“OJ Simpson was late for his lionize pick-up.”

4. tying ≠ trying

“Now, as for what the police were all probably tying to say …”

3. persecuted ≠ prosecuted

“Timothy McVeigh was charged and persecuted.”

2. observed ≠ absurd

“The ‘not guilty’ verdict is observed!”

1. hallucinogenic ≠ hallucinating

“The children who accused the women were hallucinogenic.”

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