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January 27, 2012

Well, usually it's just a happy accident.

Special ed liason: Just checking in, how is (student) doing lately?
me: There've been improvements. He's participating more in class. And handing in more assignments. He still refuses to do anything he doesn't already feel like doing, though.
Liason: Well, that's part of his diagnosis.
me: Yep.
Liason: Is he interacting with the other students?
me: Yes, much more so. Some in positive ways, and then there are some students who react to his comments more negatively.
Liason: Is he able to join in group work, then?
me: Yes, I just make sure he's in a group with people who respond to him positively, and keep the others in separate groups.
Liason: Oh that's good, it seems like you want to set him up to be successful.

File under: what is it about teaching that makes everyone assume you don't know how to do your job?

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