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January 21, 2012

High-low-high, week of Jan 20th

The "things my colleagues said to me this week" edition.

High: "I just thought you should know that I've never heard a student complain about your class."

Low: "So I guess we're all supposed to be teaching literacy now, or whatever."

High: "You know, your teaching style is starting to rub off on me. I moved the desks from rows into groups, and you know what? The kids still did their work! They were able to share information and correct their own worksheets and I didn't even have to put all the answers on the board myself. It saved me so much time ... I'm going to keep thinking about this groups thing!"

Stay tuned for more "Spell Checker FAILS," as the quarter ended on Friday and I have 80+ essays to read this weekend (term grades being due on Wednesday). What, are weekends supposed to be days off or something?

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