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October 28, 2012

TGP (teacher growth percentile)

Ways I know I have grown as a teacher since last year, example #1:

Student: How do you get your hair to do that, Ms Liles?
Last year's answer: Um, I put it into two braids, and thenI loop them on top of my head, and then secure it in place.
This year's answer: Bobby pins.

Example #2:
Student: What's the fourth stage of a plot chart?
(Exposition, Conflict Introduced, Rising Action ...)
Last year's answer: Climax.
This year's answer: Climactic Moment.

Example #3:
Student: Don't worry Ms Gettlin, I'll marry you.
Last year's response: Um ... I ... ok, well, thank you, I guess, but ... see, I um ... well, ok.
This year's response: Thank you, but that would be illegal

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