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March 19, 2012

Wolf fish sightings: early March

So, it occurs to me that twelve and thirteen year-olds are, basically, wolffish. They aren't always pretty, are occasionally slimy, and often have a comparative amount of energy as any other cold-blooded bottom-dweller.

But they can also be wonderful, as when one student spontaneously moves her seat so that a shy wallflower classmate no longer has to sit alone. Or when a student stays late after class to explain to me how his philosophy is grounded on the kind of nihilism that is self-negating, thus allowing true romanticism to take hold and grow. Or when a roomful erupts into applause as the winners of our 2012 Junior Jr Iditarod are announced.

Yes, that's right - I said Iditarod. What, you thought I'd forgotten? No, no, my friends. We've left behind the bitter winter in Auschwitz for the frozen plains of Interior Alaska. Full report coming soon!

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