*Names and identifying details have been altered to protect the innocent people who could sue me.

January 28, 2011

Day 28

Dear all:

Ok, a few points of clarification were needed after Day 23.

First, and definitely most importantly, the three year-old belongs to neither me nor Chester. Very sorry about that confusion. Chester lives in a house in Anchorage that he shares with two other adults, and the two children (3 and 8) belong to one of them. See Alaska-gram: Day 1 for more info.

Secondly, why are you all getting so much snow? This is crazy! We’ve got about a foot and a half … maybe two feet, if I were being generous. More in the woods where the snow drifts have piled up. (Or at the side of the driveway where I did a horrible job learning how to plow. See Alaska-gram: Day 23 for video.)

Thirdly, I have yet to see Mrs. Palin, I have not shot anything from out of a helicopter and no, I can’t see Russia, either from my house or from anywhere else.

Fourthly, due to popular request (well fine, due to the suggestion of a couple of friends) I’ve decided to put these missives on a blog: This way your inbox won’t be clogged, you can choose to read or share or ignore my letters at your discretion, and I won’t be wracked with self-doubt at my presumption in writing you an email solely about my life, as if somehow my day-to-day details became more interesting just because I now live in a state with a disproportionally high ratio of residents-to-reality television series. I will continue to send my letters, as emails, to those of you who either don’t like blogs or don’t care to learn how to use them. If you are over 65 or are my boyfriend, I’ve already included you in that list.

Last and, actually, kind of least, here’s the answer to a question that has been asked many times (but only by me): What on earth is making all that noise in the woodpile outside my bedroom?

Much love –



    I'm quite disappointed you cannot see Russia from your house and that you have not met the adventurous Sarah Palin. I'm convinced soon enough with all the time spent outdoors you will soon see both. Perhaps the snow is masking your view.

  2. Dear Liz,

    Its good to hear from you. I just wanted to post this as proof that I'm staying up to date on your Alaska activities. Be well, keep writing!


    PS The squirrel is pretty cute.

  3. You're having too much fun! I wish Alaska were closer to Seattle then we could have this fun together...! Thanks for sending me the link.